Crisis & Information Hotline Emergency Assistance 
Below is a basic summary of each of the types of financial assistance we currently offer. For more information on eligibility, document requirements, and program summaries for each type of assistance select “More Information".
City of Salem Emergency Rental Assistance   

Basic Requirements: City of Salem Resident, 72-hour eviction notice, meets income guidelines.

*EF&SP (FEMA) Rental Assistance  
Basic Requirements: Resident of Marion or Polk County, need current rent or past due rent. We also assist with mortgage, and 1st month’s rent for those in transition.

*As funds are available
City of Salem Emergency Energy Assistance

Basic Requirements: City of Salem Resident, 5-day shut-off notice or already shut-off, meets income guidelines.

City of Salem Emergency Water Assistance

Basic Requirements: City of Salem Resident, disconnection notice or already disconnected, meets income guidelines.

City of Salem Emergency Medication Assistance

Basic Requirements: City of Salem Resident, *current medical prescription, meets income guidelines. 

*Generally we cannot assist with narcotics or sleeping meds.

Disclaimer: If you have been helped with any of these funds before, there is a chance you may not be eligible again. All funds are first come, first served and therefore not always available even if you qualify. 


Local: 503-581-5535
Toll Free: 1-800-560-5535

 Medication Assistance
 Utility Assistance
 Energy Assistance
 Rental Assistance
 Additional Resouces
Sometimes, due to funding restrictions and high need for services, we unable to assist with utilities, rent, and energy bills. The following are community partners who you can contact before calling us. We work with all of them, and can sometimes pool together resources to take care of a bill. They are also sometimes able to help with items we’re not able to assist with. It is always worth calling to find out which assistance is going to best meet your needs. 

Notice to PGE customers:  PGE now issues a past due and disconnect bill combined, rather than a “shut-off notice”. NWHS will assist with these pending disconnect notices. The important info is located in BOLD (amount due, date due, etc.). Call us for further information and steps. 
Administration Offices: 681 Center St NE, Salem, OR 97301  |  Ph. 503.588.5828  F. 503.588.5852  |  Email: