NWHS Is excited to present our  Patient Portal! The Patient Portal, hosted by NextGen, is a secure, confidential, and easy-to use website that gives our patients and their families 24-hour access to their medical records. The Patient Portal is an easy to use website that gives you access to your medical records. When you sign up for the Patient Portal, you can: 

  • Contact your medical team online.
  • Schedule appointments and view future appointments. 
  • Read and print information from your medical record including: medications, immunizations, and test results. 
  • View educational information. 
  • Receive emails when there is  new information in your  Patient Portal account. 

If you choose to use the Patient Portal, your name and email address will be treated with the same care and privacy given to your medical records.

If you are already signed up, click HERE to login.

If you are a patient at our Total Health Community Clinic or our West Salem Medical, Dental or Mental Health Clinics, and are not yet signed up for access to the Patient Portal, please call us at 503.378.7526 for more information and to sign up!
 Patient Portal
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