NWHS Board of Directors
NWHS Board of Directors 2018

(L to R) Front Row: Susan Scott (Board Secretary), Beth Fusco, Michael Wise  (Past-Chair)
Back Row: Jan Margosian (Vice-Chair), Robert Stephens, Phil Swogger, Larry Goodreau (Board Chair), Eloisa Hernandez, William Dettwyler  Not Pictured: Pauline Mather, Michelle Pecora, Sean Cooper, William Williams (Board Treasurer), Eric Tweed
Paul Logan - Chief Executive Officer 
Bob Edwards - Chief Financial Officer
Debra McCurry - Human Resources Director
Yutonah Bowes - Clinic Director
Teri Harding - Compliance Director 
Stephen Goins - Transitional Programs Director 
Rod Johnson - Facilities Director 
 NWHS Leadership Team
Administration Offices: 681 Center St NE, Salem, OR 97301  |  Ph. 503.588.5828  F. 503.588.5852  |  Email: info@nwhumanservices.org